1) Prices & Payments: Prices are in US funds. Payments will be accepted in the form of wire transfers, checks (Which can be directly deposited into our account) or cash. Merchandise will not be released until funds have cleared in our account. Orders must be pre-paid. We do not accept credit cards.

2) Minimum Purchase Amounts: Minimum order quantities apply on an item by item basis. There is a general $2,500.00 minimum order per purchase.

3) Shipping & Deliveries: Shipping is via US Postal Service or UPS Ground unless other arrangements are requested. Customer reserves the right to schedule or arrange for their own shipping or freight. Freight shipping can be arranged by us if requested. Buyer assumes responsibility for all shipping or freight charges unless otherwise agreed upon and mentioned on their invoice. Note: We cannot take responsibility for delays that are beyond our control; for example but not limited to, weather or transit delays. Buyer is responsible for requesting or adding insurance to their own freight even if New York Cosmetics schedules the shipment. New York Cosmetics takes no responsibility for merchandise damaged in transit. Any issues with packages/pallets being lost or damaged must be dealt with directly through the carriers or insurance providers.

4) Return Policy: No Returns. All sales are final. In the event that there was misinformation during the transaction, it must be reported to New York Cosmetics within 3 business days of receiving the merchandise. In the event that New York Cosmetics does approve a return, it may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Note: New York Cosmetics sells merchandise in conditions other than just brand new. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they read all descriptions and details in emails and product offers.

5) Orders: New York Cosmetics reserves the right to refuse any order placed by the customer for any reason.

6) Storage: All orders must be picked up within 14 days of being notified that they are ready to ship or that they are in stock. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that they are removed from the premises. After 30 days, buyer will be subject to paying a storage fee of $75.00 per pallet position per month.

7) Processing: If a part of your transaction with New York Cosmetics involves us bundling merchandise or prepping your order for Amazon FBA, charges of $0.25 per ASIN label, $0.50 per bundling / poly bagging, and $1.00 per box label may apply unless otherwise agreed upon.

8) Disputes: In the event of a dispute between New York Cosmetics and the buyer, any and all litigation or mediation will take place in the state of New Jersey. Buyer agrees to pay all fees involved.

9) Service Description: New York Cosmetics is a wholesaler and distributor of cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances. We carry a wide array of brands and categories. We occasionally buy and sell deals outside of our normal criteria. Unless specifically stated, New York Cosmetics does not claim to be authorized distributors of any of the brands or merchandise that we carry or offer.

10) Subject to Prior Sale: All items are subject to prior sale. The vast majority of merchandise we offer to clients is in stock and in our warehouse however, we do sometimes offer products that we do not own or that are inbound to our warehouse. Unless otherwise stated, New York Cosmetics does not claim to have merchandise in stock. A reasonable period of time will be given to New York Cosmetics to process and ship all orders. That does not include lead time as they may be given to you either through email or orally.

11) Required Licenses & Taxes: Both parties shall have all the required permits and licenses for the purpose of conducting business through the sales and purchase of wholesale merchandise usually, but not limited to a resale certificate. By signing this agreement you are acknowledging that you do in fact have a resale certificate and that you are tax exempt on your purchase. We take no responsibility in any dealings with the IRS or other government agencies concerning taxes, both federal and state, gross receipts, sales and privilege taxes, duties and import or export fees or similar liabilities on your purchase.

12) Cancellations: ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL. NO CANCELLATIONS. We consistently have people pay for items and after the deal is done they realize they can get a cheaper price elsewhere or that they are restricted to sell the item or they have buyer’s remorse and then they wish to cancel their order. Purchase orders and submitting payment are legally binding agreements to purchase the merchandise! NO CANCELLATIONS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR THESE REASONS! By signing this agreement the buyer agrees that if they submit a purchase order they are submitting a legal document guaranteeing that they are purchasing the goods and that they will submit a payment within 5 business days unless there is a lead time and it is mentioned on their invoice. Failure to remit payment may result in New York Cosmetics acquiring counsel with an attorney to pursue you for the funds, which you are obligated to pay. Buyer pays for all litigation fees.

13) Dating / Batch Codes: All Expiration dates are USUALLY provided at the time that the product is offered. If it is not provided, it is the buyer’s responsibility to request that information from New York Cosmetics. New York Cosmetics is a closeout company and some products may have older batch codes or may even be expired. We take no responsibility and will not accept returns due to these reasons. There are also cases where an item only has a batch code and it is not possible to determine the age of the product. New York Cosmetics does quality control checks on all merchandise to ensure they are not the wrong color, smell, or consistency.